So who’s that girl

The Skipping Girl Vinegar sign in Victoria Street Abbotsford is a Melbourne icon. She’s Victorian Heritage Registered, and one of the State’s most significant landmarks. But who is she?

Well, it’s a long story. But we’ll keep it short. ‘Skipping Girl’ vinegar was introduced at the start of the 20th century. Made in Melbourne, the bottle featured a young girl with a skipping rope, and in the 1936 the manufacturer brought its label to life with a neon illuminated sign. And thus, ‘Little Audrey’ was born. The 1930s version of the sign was replaced with a smaller version in 1970 which is the ‘Little Audrey’ we are familiar with today.

Mystery still surrounds the identity of the real ‘Little Audrey’. Some say the model for the Skipping Girl logo was the local milk bar owner’s daughter. Others claim that she was modelled on a girl who later went on to become a nun in a convent near Frankston. Whoever she was, she’s been preserved in this famous sign.

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